I did something. I know I know... I need patience. But I am really feeling happy with the decision that I made. I went back to Jen. Coach Jen Goff. I lost patience in the Spring. I made a mistake. I feel like I need to apologize to her, but I am not sure how to do that.

Anyway, I am feeling a massive amount of relief around this decision. I feel like I have lifted a massive weight off of my shoulders.

It hit me suddenly. Last month, toward the end of the month, J and I were traveling. He is courteous enough to wait to go on a longer vacation until after whatever marathon I am running, so we often vacation in November. He is the best for that timing. Anyway, we went down to Asheville. We have been there before, but we really enjoyed our time there and decided that it would be a fun, semi-inexpensive adult vacation.

I probably need a full post on vacation, but that will have to come later. Because this post has to be about running and all of the changes that I have made. Because that is what really allowed me to feel better around the choices that I have made.

Anyway... we were on vacation. When we were there last year, Jen had a lot of suggestions for me as far as how to handle different things, places to run, restaurants to visit, etc. And so on one of the early nights being there, we were having dinner at a burger place that she had suggested that was absolutely delicious. It was absolutely the best burger I have ever eaten in my life. And I had a few too many beers. Having a few too many beers just gets me thinking, and so I text her right away. Just telling her that I missed her, that I wanted to come back. And texting my friend Charlie who has been working with her for a while as well.

Charlie's response was simply "you know what you are supposed to do". He was right. I know that this was the best move.

And so, in this tipsy state, I made a choice. I was moving back to Jen. I was going to make that move, feel happy and confident about it. And she and I finally got a chance to talk after I got home from vacation and was back at work, and we started working right away. I was so happy to be there. I still am. I feel very good about myself and my running, I feel good about where I can go and what I can do.


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