Trraining Log: Week of November 6

Another week of running. This one more consistent and starting to feel good and normal again. I am racing a 5K on Thanksgiving, and that will likely be my first time trying to get my legs moving again after Chicago.

But I have put a few races on the 2018 calendar already, so I suppose I am now officially "IN TRAINING" for those.

I will be running the Hot Chocolate 15K in Indianapolis, IN as part of my relationship with BibRave, the Heart Mini Half Marathon in Cincinnati, I ran this last year in my build up to Boston, and my big scary goal for Spring? The Glass City Marathon in Toledo, Ohio, my hometown. The race I was going to run last Spring 6 days after Boston, but just could not pull it off.

Yep. I am racing my face off this spring, and I cannot wait!

So anyway... Let's take a look at the work that I did this week to see how I am slowly progressing back to feeling normal again.

Monday: 4 miles, recovery pace. Core.
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: 8 miles. Core.
Thursday: 4 miles, recovery. Strength.
Friday: 7 miles. Core.
Saturday: 8 miles.
Sunday: OFF

Weekly log:
2x Strength
3x Core
31 total miles.


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