Pure Barre Goal. my update

So... related to last week's update on my life, but also related to my annual goals... I want to talk about Pure Barre to start this post. I have LOVED Pure Barre over the last year. Everyone knows that who reads this as I have 3-4 classes per week in my training updates! I mean, yes, there were times when I was not there at all over time, but that was due to busy days at the office or something.

But... I took a new position. I took a position downtown, away from my PB home. PB was not close to my home, it was close to my office. And with an office and a new position, in a new location, there is just no possible way for me to get PB workouts in at lunchtime anymore (my new office is about 30 minutes with no traffic from PB). It is just not feasible to keep that in my life.

Related...  I started doing Pure Barre after I ran my BQ marathon...  And if you know me, you know that I struggle doing anything half-assed. So I was pretty much all in on every class. And I just don't think that was doing good things to my running. Honestly, while I felt like I was getting stronger, I was never taking the time to recover, and so my legs were tired ALL THE TIME. I was never SORE, so I didn't necessarily think about it. I didn't worry about what was going on with my body. But really, I was likely having some issues on race days both in Boston and Chicago related to just... overdone legs.

I have no proof. But I know that my legs feel better now (not having gone since the end of September) than they had in at least 6 months. To me, that means something. I know that I did love it, but I also know (now, after getting warnings for MONTHS from one of my running friends) that I was doing way too much. So I am happy with my choices. I am glad that I have decided that it was time to move on and really try and get focused on getting faster rather than trying to do everything.

Not to mention the fact that I have been enjoying having my lunches back in my life. Even if I am just working. But my goals are around running. And therefore, this is one of the sacrifices that I am making to ensure that I continue to grow as a runner.


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