October Goal Progress

So let's look at October, a very strange month when it comes to goals. I didn't write an update in September either, so I guess I can do that here? I suppose due to some of the life changes (post to come???) there are definitely big changes to the progress of these goals and maybe the goals themselves.

1. Write 150 blog posts.In September I wrote 13 posts. A good solid number. Progress. In October I wrote two. Oops. (Life, marathon, etc) That puts me at 136 posts for the year, and I think that I am going to actually be able to meet this goal! Woo hoo?

2. Attend 150 Pure barre classes.
In September I went to only 5 Pure Barre classes. It was a STRUGGLE. And in October I went to ZERO. It was taper and then marathon recovery and then some life stuff. This goal is likely not attainable due to the change in life circumstances, but that is a-ok.
3. Run 2200 miles.
At the end of October, I am at 1829 miles for 2017. I am comfortable with the fact that I am likely going to run the year, I only need to run 94 miles in both November and December. So that is something... But my 2200 goal? Ugh... Not so sure that is going to happen. I would have to run 185+ miles per month for the remainder of the year. With marathon recovery and just beginning to add miles again, I am not sure that is going happen. But we will see...

4. Read 24 books.
September was a great month for reading with 6 books read, and only 1 in October. That puts me at 23 YTD, and almost accomplishing this goal. Yahoo for checking the box on a goal, and I am confident that I will get it this month. 

2 months of the year to go and I definitely am going to hit a few goals for the year. I am looking forward to setting new goals and new plans and finalizing everything here.


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