Feeling happy: goals set

I am so excited to have selected my Spring races. It feels good to know what I am working toward again. I should not worry too much because I was recovering from Chicago, and it was not an easy recovery for me for some reason, but honestly, it was difficult to wake up and run for a week or two before I had really honed in on my goal races. But now, I am back to the mindset that I want, and I also am feeling motivated. I am not ready to start training hard, which is ok, there is time for that, but the fact that I am thinking about it feels good to me.

I definitely need to have a goal in my life to feel good about how I am feeling toward running. And now, these things are set, so I can move on.

I have no interest in setting time goals yet. I obviously have hardly even started to train at this point. But I am getting back outside, running miles and also doing core and strength work using my plan from Tina and Drew that has been a part of my life since July. It feels good to feel like I am making progress. I might finally be recovered, and I have not felt this fresh or strong in quite a long time. Even coming off of Boston with all of the changes and the motivation that I had coming off of that. But I was tired. I ran a marathon this fall, but I was tired.

I know that sounds a little bit repetitive, but I just want to emphasize that point because it obviously took a long time for me to learn. I was doing too much. I was putting in work like that was my job, without all of the extras that I would have if it was my job (read: massage, naps, more sleep, more rolling, more chiropractic work, etc) and that wore me out. Now, as I said, I wasn't doing the extras, I wasn't running the mileage, but I definitely was doing 2 (sometimes 3) workouts on MOST days, likely not eating enough for that level of activity and just not allowing myself the time to recover properly.

So for now... enjoy the above pic of Addie and I... I mean, Rapunzel and I, getting ready to head out for some trick-or-treating. I love having a teeny tiny best friend.


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