Chicago Recovery

Sorry for the massive delay in getting out my post on the Chicago Marathon. It has been an excessive amount of time, but I really had almost zero time to focus on writing a post. I finally was able to get through that, and I have slowly started to recover and get back to the writing. Writing is definitely not the only thing that has been suffering.

I took about 10 days off after the marathon. I was HURTING. I mean, I definitely could have taken more time off afterward, because I was just feeling that bad. My right hip flexor was feeling rough. It was definitely hurting. That evening after the race I actually had to hold my right thigh and pull on it to get it into my bed. I felt SORE. I have never felt that sore after a marathon before, not even my first marathon. I hobbled around Chicago for the rest of that day, and around my house after returning home the following day.

I have slowly returned to running. As I said above, I ran 10 days post marathon. I could have waited a little bit longer, but I also knew that no matter when I got back on the horse, it was going to suck. And I was right. I ran 4 miles that day, and then 4 miles again that Sunday. And since then I am getting back to more regular miles as well as getting back to the strength work. I needed more time off for strength training due to some unrelated things as well as just the simple need to recover all of my muscles from all of the trouble that I had.

In truth, I have not set any goals yet. I don’t have a planned Spring season, and I am not sure what I want to do. Part of me want to race another marathon and really see if I can get the performance that I know that I am capable of, as soon as I get my head right. I struggled mentally, and I am not sure that I am there yet, to be honest. I am allowing myself time to get to where I feel good and ready to really focus and get back to training. I know that my goal race is going to be at the Glass City Marathon, as usual, but I am not sure yet if I want to run a half marathon or a marathon.

The marathon is still really seriously sitting on my mind. I am definitely really focused on it. I am definitely hesitant to give up on the marathon even though I have not had a good experience two races in a row. I am really considering doing another full marathon in the Spring. I really want to reassure myself that my speed isn’t gone, that I haven’t already reached my potential in the marathon. That would

I am definitely due for a full on life update here soon, but that is not the point of this entry. I really just wanted to use this as an opportunity to talk about Chicago and the recovery from that. I am  hopeful that as I continue to run I am able to get back to feeling like a normal person again. Or at least, like myself as everyone knows that I am not a normal person. Yesterday’s run was finally beginning to feel normal - and running a pace that is more regular for my runs. So that makes me feel happy.

So… happy November, and I will update the world on my life (and my 2017 goals) soon.


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