A life update

I have been teasing a life update for the last three posts…  Mostly because I had not written anything in such a long time. And because in reality, in the last month, I have not been writing and I went through a lot of changes!

The biggest one is that I got a new job! After spending 7 years with my previous company, I finally found the right opportunity that allowed me to move on. Trust me when I say that I LOVED the time that I spent at my previous employer and I learned more and grew more than I ever could have hoped to in my time there. I mean, I truly found my footing professionally there, despite the fact that I could not figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my career.

I am sure that I wrote multiple posts in my time there expressing all of my frustration and questioning all of my choices and did I want to stay there, did I want to keep being an accountant… etc etc… I waffled on this for YEARS, all the while developing my skills and my confidence around my knowledge and understanding of accounting, finance, the business I worked in, etc. I give my former boss a lot of credit on this. He gave me a lot of opportunities and he definitely allowed me to ask a lot of questions, sit with him and really dig into the business.

So the new job is good so far. I have been here two weeks, pretty much and I am really enjoying things so far. I am feeling relatively confident. I am glad that I spent all of the time that I did learning at Rush and gathering experience because it allowed me to move on successfully into a new position. I am so happy for all of this stuff.

It feels weird to leave a place that feels like it has been your home. And that job was my home. For 7 years… I spent my life there and I had in my head that it was going to be my home forever. I would advance there and I would grow with the company. But with all of the changes there since February, I knew that it was no longer my home. It was no longer a place that was going to serve me into my future.

So that is it on career stuff.

Family wise, Addie is settling into Pre-K, I find it hard to believe that J and I need to start thinking about school and we likely are going to  have to get her registered somewhere VERY soon. We are definitely going to have to figure that out sooner rather than later, because, darn it, registration for the private schools is in March already.
She is so smart!

J and I are thinking about taking a bit of a vacation at the end of November after we did a small trip to Denver back in September - I think it was September...but this time it should be a bit longer. We will see if that happens or if we decide to stay home and do the staycation thing. We shall see how it all turns out... 


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