Training Log: Week of September 5

4 weeks until Chicago. In fact, less than 4 weeks, because 4 weeks from today I will be leaving the city, the day after the marathon, hopefully feeling great about what I have accomplished. Driving (or heck, flying! Flights are STUPID cheap to Chicago right now - Cincinnati friends, look into it! TBD!)
So let's take a look at how this week played out.

Monday: 6 miles, recovery pace.
Tuesday: Lift, Pure empower.
Wednesday: 10 mile workout (6x800m) am, 4 miles recovery pm. Pure barre.
Thursday: 6 miles recovery. Lift.
Friday: 6 miles easy. Pure barre.
Saturday: 12 miles with MGP miles.
Sunday: 6 miles recovery.

50 miles
2x Lift
3x pure barre

Is it weird that 50 mile weeks feel like not a big deal anymore?


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