The weekend

I feel like we had a pretty good weekend last weekend. The weather has turned, we are starting to get a big cooler (I am back in my favorite uniform of short shorts and long sleeves) and that part of running is getting better. I am so glad of that.

So let's break down my weekend.

I ran twice. I ran 12 miles with 9 at marathon pace on Satuday. I got out nice and early (5:30 am) in order to get everything knocked out early enough that we could go to the zoo on Saturday morning. As members, we can get in at 9 am, so we wanted to take advantage of that and get a good parking spot as well as a ride on the train!
I busted out my Boston shirt for that run, I needed the inspiration.

At the zoo, we finally got to see Fiona!
She is the queen of pictures I think. I assume it is from all that time being recorded as an itty bitty hippo. Addie and I just LOVE her, so I am so glad she was finally outside when we were there.

And of course a few statue pictures were needed. And J is with Addie and the gorillas because they are J's favorite animal at the zoo. The Silverback in particular he LOVES.

Addie decided at some point that she needed to make sure that she had ALL of the Princess DVDs, including some non-Princesses (Jane from Tarzan. Meg from Hercules) and we also included a non-Disney princess (Princess Poppy from Trolls). And she wanted to have a movie marathon. Heck, we played outside at the park for SEVERAL hours this weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) so I was cool with movie watching when we were home. She is constantly playing and hardly paying attention anyway.

We did our usual grocery shopping + beer at Jungle Jims after the zoo. J was watching college football, enjoying a beer and hanging out with us all at once! Ha! Our grocery store is the best grocery store I think. We did minimal shopping because we are trying to get  through our freezer and pantry as they are both well stocked. We are just trying to buy fresh fruit and veggies, and I think this was a successful trip, we spent less than $20!
How was your weekend?


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