Race Recap: The Hudepohl 14K Brewery Run

Not sure if this is super familiar or not, but I  have run this race a few times before. I ran it in 2011, it was the race that made me feel like maybe I could run a marathon in the first place... (no recap written on that) I ran it in 2012 (race recap can be read here) that was the only year Jason ran the 14K, he was training for a half marathon! I ran the 7K in 2013 because Addie was only 6 weeks old and I didn't have the energy to run 14K at the time - this was also my VERY first race as a member of the Oiselle team! The 2014 race is recapped here, I seemed to have not run in it 2015 (WHAT???) and I skipped writing a recap in 2016, but I ran it with my friend Emily.

I had a tentative race plan. And I also had 20 miles on the schedule. It was to be my final (I think) 20 miler of the training cycle.
I got downtown early to run 5 easy warm up miles. I ended up running into some of my usual mileage crew and running about 2.5 of the 5 with them, which was nice. Thanks Caroline and Brian for the company.

I found Rebekah and her crew at the start line, found someone who was planning on going out around my pace and hung out with them to start the race.

I don't really want to go through mileage splits, mostly because they feel a little silly. This is a teribble course for racing. It is HARD. It goes through the old brewery district, and they put big flag/signs out where historical breweries were located, which is fun, but it basically weaves up and down streets up through downtown, and then comes down on the westside of downtown. It is a TOUGH course with a lot of long uphills, and a lot of steep downhills.
I guess the main thing that can be said is that I ran this much faster than I have ever run this course. I ran a 7:30 average pace and finished in 1:05:36. I applied a consistent EFFORT over this course. I finished my 20 miles for the day. All of these things are positive things, even though I do not feel like I executed my race plan.
Emily snagged this picture of me just past mile 8 of the race. Testing out my new singlet. Loved it, by the way. I was HURTING at this point and struggling to maintain my pace (although like I said, effort was definitely there). But the test run of race gear was on, and I am totally happy with it all. I will not be wearing these exact socks, but as usual, pro compression will be out there with me.

This is a 4:18 course PR for me. And 14K PR for me (because how often do you get to run a 14K? And now, I taper.

I have a few other things to write about relating to how I am feeling right now, but that is definitely topics for another post...


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