August Goal Progress

So this post is going live the 5th of August, which might be a little bit late for such a post, but it is what it is...  you know. I just had to spend time getting work done Friday, so I did not get the post written then.

But the 5th of the month is not so bad, and at least I am getting this post out there. I will take it. So let's take a look at my goal progress for 2017, using the same format that we have been using all  year so far.

1. Write 150 blog posts.
In July, I wrote 13 posts. As of August 31, I have written 121 posts, which puts me ahead of the annual goal. as of now, I need to average just 7-8 posts per month to hit the goal (down from the 12-13 posts per month when I set out on this path).

2. Attend 150 Pure barre classes.
In August I went to 11 Pure barre classes. That puts me at 110 classes for the year. In order to hit the 150 class goal, I need to attend 10 classes per month for the remainder of the year. So I am very slightly ahead of schedule for the year. I will take it.
3. Run 2200 miles.
As of the end of August, I am at 1516.07 miles. I am ahead of schedule for my 2200 mile goal. I need to average 171 miles per month for the remainder of the year to hit the goal. That is doable I think, but I am going to have to log some miles over the next few months, even after marathon training winds down. That is when it will be tricky.

4. Read 24 books.
I read only one book in August, bringing my annual total to 16, right on pace. I read a book that I was nearly finished with in July (I finished it on the 4th of August), but then reading kind of went out the window after that. Not really sure why.

So let's keep going and see how the last 4 months of the year shape up!


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