Training Log: Week of August 14

Um. 7 weeks to go. 7 Freaking Weeks to go. (Yes, that needed caps - also I said nearly the same thing last week about 8 weeks, and didn't know it until I looked back to validate the number of weeks that were left, so that is funny)
So let's take a look at the whole week, and know that overall it was a down-ish week. Likely the last one before taper, which is a little terrifying to think about. The fact that I am already considering taper is terrifying. But anyway...

Monday: 6 miles, recovery pace. Pure Barre.
Tuesday: Lift. Pure Barre Empower.
Wednesday: 10 miles with 7x1K. HARD DAY AT THE OFFICE (not my real office, but summit park where I did this workout)
Thursday: 4 miles, recovery pace. Lift.
Friday: 4 miles, 7:58 pace. Pure barre.
Saturday: 22 miles with Brian.
Sunday: OFF

46 miles
3x pure barre
2x lift


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