Training and confidence

This is kind of a weird training week for me. I am sure it is a little bit because I am not used to the way my coach does things just yet, but I just feel like it feels weird to me. Basically, I have a big run this weekend, but the rest of the week is fairly light compared to other weeks. I get two days off this week (Tuesday and Sunday), and will not even hit 50 miles which seems a little bit strange for a 22 mile weekend. But hey, that is why I pay the experts, right?

I feel like giving up control completely is rather new to me. I mean, I have been working with a coach for multiple years now, but I still feel like I was aggressive enough in the past that I pretty much refused to relinquish all control. And I feel like now that we are to a new level, a new coach, I have to be better about that. He seems to have confidence in what I can do, and so now I need to continue to develop that in myself and also trust what he is making me do and that it will get me there. And that part is tough for me.

I am not sure why I have to focus so hard on getting confidence in myself, but I do, so I just need to keep it up. I definitely have been doing work for the last few years on believing in myself. I have to do work on this every day to maintain where I am and continue to grow and move forward with this.
I have to keep moving and I have to keep moving forward for this girl. I have to show her what strength means. I have to show her how to be confident in the face of tough things. This girl is my whole world, and more than anything, I want her to know what it means to be strong.

I know I am mostly doing a good job. I know that I could always do better, I mean, we all can always do better. And as a result, I am going to keep working hard to do better. And I am going to share what I learn with that little lady, because even if I display strength and confidence, she will probably need some help. We all need a little help. And she and I can help each other.


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