Quick overnight in Columbus

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I had to get my run done early in the morning because we were going up to Columbus to bottle our beers that we brewed as part of my birthday weekend trip. We bottled it all up labeled, and hung out with Chris and Danielle for a day.

So after my run, my MIL got to my house, literally as I was running back to the house in my 19th mile she drove by me and so Jason headed down to the treadmill and I went up to the shower while gramma hung with Addie. Who of course had been up for HOURS at this point. Its like the earlier I get up to run, the earlier she gets up. I think she was up by 6:30. After J was worked out and then when we were both showered and set, we headed up to Columbus.

After arriving, we checked into our hotel and J did about 20 minutes of email work before we went over to Wolf's Ridge for lunch. That was our favorite brewery that we visited when we were up there in June, and the food there was fantastic, so it was the top of our plan for this trip. After lunch, we headed to the brewery to bottle our Rye IPA that we brewed the last time we were there. We called it Roo-n-Rye (we call Addie Roo sometimes). Here are a few pictures.

Yep. That is Addie dabbing on the label. The bottling process was pretty fun, and the beer is pretty good too!

After beer, we decided to go find some food, and we just walked around the Short North district in Columbus stopping for a beer, stopping in a shop and generally just chatting and enjoying time together. We were back at the hotel around 10 pm where J and I just fell asleep for the night before leaving for home around 10 am the next day.

It was a quick trip, but super fun!


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