Friday Five!

Good morning and welcome to this week's edition of the FRIDAY FIVE!
That was a pretty exciting intro, right?

1. Yesterday I put plant-based protein powder in my coffee. It was tasty, but at the same time, I had to use my little handheld blender thing to mix it in because it kept clumping. For those of you who use Vital Proteins in your coffee, is this an issue?

2. This week was a tough one for me. Not sure why exactly, but I was not very motivated in all honesty, and I basically spent the majority of the week wishing I was at home in bed. I should take some time off just to sleep.

3. In reality, I am struggling with the fact that it is already August 11, I have less than 2 months until the Chicago Marathon, and my tempo pace is just starting to come along. It makes me nervous that I might not be ready to run the race that I think I CAN race.

4. I am pretty pleased with myself right now. As of now I have consistently lifted weights 2x per week for 6 weeks. And 1x per week for another week or 3 before that. I know it is important to Coach that I strength train more consistently, so here I am.

5. This morning I am doing something a little different and not necessarily something I am excited for. But such is life, right? More to come. Maybe. On that.


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