Training Log: Week of July 17

This FELT like a down week since my long run was only 12 miles, but it was still a pretty big week. I think I had been counting wrong before? I just recounted, and I am down to just 11 weeks of training.
Did I say 11 weeks last week? I cannot even remember anymore. (I looked, no. I said 13??) Whatever. I counted 3 times today. 11 weeks to go. 76 days.
So let's take a look at this week.

Monday: 8 miles, recovery pace. Pure barre.
Tuesday: 6 miles, 8:34 pace. Pure barre. Lift.
Wednesday: 11 miles with 3x15mins at steady state pace. Pure barre.
Thursday: 8 miles, recovery pace. Lift.
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 12 miles with a 5K race (recap to come).
Sunday: 8 miles.

53 miles
3x pure barre
2x lift


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