The Zoo!

J and I took Addie to the zoo this past weekend! I know that she really wanted to see Fiona (the Cincinnati Zoo's baby hippo. If you haven't seen video of her yet, I seriously wonder if you are living under a rock.) She and I are both SUPER into Fiona and watching her grow. That 29 lb hippo at birth is now over 330 lbs!

But anyway, we had a great day at the zoo, seeing animals, riding the train, and Addie even got her facepainted. Here are some pics with little captions from our day!
 Addie and her daddy. We were checking out the giraffes. Giraffes were Addie's fave animal until she discovered the Lion King, and then when she discovered Fiona, all bets were off (I agree. Fiona is the best!)
 Addie getting her pic with "Nala". Addie was convinced that ALL Lionesses are Nala.
This is as close as we got to Fiona. Addie and a hippo statue. Fiona's mom and dad were out in the big pool, but Fiona is still pretty little, so she is not on display to the public all the time.
 Not sure what is happening here, but it makes me chuckle.
 Addie and J being monkeys in the jungle section of the zoo.
This is J's favorite. Well, the Silverback (seen above) as well as the Komodo dragon and the elephants. Ok, we just like the zoo.
Addie, J and the Silverback. J always tries to get Addie to take a picture with this guy, this is the first time that she agreed to it.
Elephants! Addie was convinced that the elephant in the water was going to suck up water in his or her trunk and spray it all over her. That would have been cool.
J managed to make a deal with Addie about her behavior and facepainting. She just LOVED it. And she got so upset when before it was dry and she scratched her cheek and got a little black paint on her finger. But once it was dry, it definitely stayed in place.

We had a lovely morning at the zoo, and I am glad that we went together and enjoyed time as a family!


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