Our weekend

This past weekend was a pretty chill one.

I went for a long run. I ran in Hyde Park with my friend Caroline. I met up with a few of her regular running friends. I had 16 miles on the schedule, but she had only 13, so I got over there a bit early and then knocked out my first three miles pretty relaxed and easy. I met up with everyone and we took off on their planned 13 mile route. It was pretty great to have a group of people together.
It was a snap & spandos kind of day!

After my run, J and I went out for a few beers, got massages, and grocery shopped to avoid having to make that errand with Addie. We had J's mom come over to our house just so we could go get some massages. I definitely needed one. My legs were all kinds of messed up, which I suppose was something that I knew about, as I ran 16 miles just that morning. It hurt so good. :)

I got to try a new Rhinegeist beer when I was there as well. It was called Margarita Mama or something. And it DEFINITELY tasted like a margarita. It was definitely delicious as well. I enjoyed it.

We went to pick up Addie and take her out to dinner. J's mom was with her, so we invited her as well. Addie wanted BW3s because that is what she ALWAYS wants. But J and I were not feeling it, so we decided to convince her that pizza was a good idea.
She looks hungry, doesn't she? I think our (ok, my) favorite part of this particular pizza place is that they put paper on the table. And then there is crayons on the table, so we get to color all over the table.

Sunday was a bit easier. We didn't have any official plans, and my long run was already done. So I had to get Addie out of the house to allow J to work as well as to trim the bushes in front of the house. They definitely needed it - side note: they look AMAZING right now. So our first trip was on to Target. Addie's birthday is coming up in early August, and so we went to get invitations and some decorations, etc. Addie picked Poppy (Trolls) after some encouraging AWAY from Princesses. She does like Poppy.

After picking out what she thought would be good for her part (and mom promising that we will get balloons before the party which is in a MONTH), she agreed that it was time to head out, but we had to get coffee for mom and dad as well as a special treat for Addie.
CAKE POP! Girlfriend loves a cake pop from Starbucks. :) And yes, she knows she is COVERED in chocolate. She was being a chocolate monster to send the picture to her little cousin Parker who LOVES monsters.

After lunch, we headed over to the pool. I kept Addie there for a few hours so J could continue to finish his work. We had a pretty good time. I mean, yes, it would have been better if J was there with us, but hey, I am glad she was having fun. :)

We had a good weekend and I am hoping that we can continue to have good and fun summer weekends.


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