Long run - Sunday July 16

Another 16 miler! Last weekend I mean. This time, unlike last weekend and my first 16-er of this training cycle, I was on my own and sticking to my own neighborhood.

At the risk of you coming to find me, here is my strava map from my 16 miler in the neighborhood.
LOTS and lots of out and back and loops so I can stay in an area that is safe. We have so many hills and curvey roads that it is definitely difficult to really run one large loop. It would not be safe. Luckily I like my neighborhood and enjoy running here, so I don't mind too many loops. :)

I stopped once around mile 5 to pee (at my house, hooray for toilets!) and again at 8 miles for water and a gel, but each time was only stopped for 3 mins or less, which I was super happy about. My mileage is already up over 50 miles for the week and I am already running 6 days per week. Holy mileage this training cycle. But so far, so good with all of the mileage. I am hoping that it continues to feel like this, as I am enjoying the mileage for sure.

I averaged 8:17 pace over the full 16 miles, which is quite good. I did 8x60/60 at 10K-ish pace right at the end over the last 2 or so miles. I did my pace quickly enough that it took a little over 2 miles, which had me at a bit OVER 16 for the day, but that is ok. It was not an issue.

I am pleased with where I am so far with training. I am physically strong, and I am working on the mental part of all of it. I have work to do on both before Chicago, but I know that I am on the right track and I am making progress.

Are you training for a fall marathon? How is it coming?


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