Little girls

So we have been enjoying taking Addie to the pool recently. At least, I have been. It is part of our community, and part of what our HOA fee pays for. It is a pretty nice pool, they have lifeguards on staff, and I am glad that we are going a little bit more often this summer (we went probably once each of the last two summers and have already gone 4 times this year).
That is Addie's mermaid bathing suit, and she LOVES resting in the sunshine.

But this is not about swimming, this is about something that I observed at the pool that really got stuck in my mind. It stuck hard and was making me think a lot. I felt like I needed to write about it because it is so important. It is important to me because of situations that I have dealt with. And it is important to me because I am the mom of a little girl.

There was a couple at the pool along with some grandparents and kids. Some of the kids were their kids (the couple) and some were nieces and nephews, and they were all enjoying a warm day at the pool.

At one point, one of the girls hopped out of the pool and was hungry. They had brought a bunch of snacks to the pool with them. Cheese puffs were what this girl wanted, and so she grabbed the bag, and sat down in a chair to eat them. She was probably 6? (Totally guessing on her age) and completely average when it comes to size. But immediately the couple started commenting on her snacking and how she snacks all the time. They started talking about her activity levels and metabolism and how she will have to be careful when she gets older, etc.

I was LIVID. In my mind, only, of course. But hearing people talk like this about this little girl... No wonder girls feel pressure to be thin and lose weight. I mean, I have experienced this myself, feeling that pressure, but it was never put on me by an adult in my life. I look at the little girl above in that picture, in her swimsuit, and it motivates me even more to just have good food in our home. To encourage her to be active and get outside. To allow her to make choices, be involved with what I prepare for food. To tell her that she is strong and help her to gain that knowledge and confidence.

Because I don't want anyone talking to my child like that. Ever.


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