Friday Five

Another Friday, another Friday Five!
1. I have fallen down the rabbit hole of youtube vlogs. This is not the first time, but right now I am watching Nick Symmonds (which is current) and am enjoying Oiselle Muse and athlete Kelly Roberts BQ or Bust. Loving it.

2. I am racing tomorrow. A 5K in the early sections of my long run.
Originally Karen was running with me, but she is injured again. :( Well, she doesn't know if she is injured, but she is not feeling great for sure. It is going to be feels like 79*. So I have to remember, that is not 80. And I am also trying to remind myself that it is not the 100* that the pros ran in at USAs a few weeks ago.

3. Oiselle fall is SLOWLY starting to drop. They released new colors of the flyout yesterday, and some of the blues and stuff are looking MIGHTY pretty. I am definitely in need of a second job simply to pay for my running wardrobe.

4. I was chiropracted yesterday. It feels so good these days, now that I am just used to it, I feel like I need it. Anyone else like that when they begin seeing a chiropractor regularly?

5. Addie is having a struggle fest these days. She is pretty convinced that Daddy is the boss, and he is the only boss. Not mom, not her teachers, etc. That means she is definitely having a hard time being a good listener and making good choices. And that has been really tough for me as her mom. I hate the fact that she is not listening to me. Any moms (or dads!) of 3-4 year olds having this problem? Will it end?


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