Work travel to So. Cal.

I am in Pasadena, we are doing additional training on the systems. I think we will be here working hard through close of business Wednesday. We have a lot to get through, and so I am willing to put in the time while we are here to try and get it all done.

I don't know exactly what all that is going to involve yet, but I do know that it likely is going to involve a few 4 pm breaks for me, and a little bit of facetiming with my kiddo.
Getting a kiss via facetime last night...

I am trying to dress a little bit better than I usually do at home. They technically have a business casual work environment, unlike in Cincinnati where we are full-on casual. I tried to find something that works for me.
I wore a running tank that was made of high quality fabric, a cardigan, and some skinny pants that are NOT leggings (believe it or not) and obviously my sunnies. I felt like myself, but still like I was in line with what the company expects of us from a wardrobe standpoint.

This morning I am feeling better about Pasadena than I was when we first arrived. I was very much negative nelly. But last night we walked around a little to find a good spot to have some dinner and watch the basketball game. And being downtown has made a HUGE difference.
We ended up finding a pretty good place. It was called Slater's 50/50, and I ate a salad and drank the above beverage. A grapefruit IPA. I decided to get brave and drink an IPA, which is J's fave beer. I got the fruity one because I felt like it would tone down the pine flavor that frequently comes with IPAs.

We will see how the rest of the week goes.


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