Training Logs: Weeks of June 5 and June 12

Yeah... I missed a week of training logs in there. Not sure how that happened, or why, but I did. That means we get to do two weeks of training logs today. So here are two more weeks in the build to the Chicago Marathon.
There are just 16 weeks to go.

Week of June 5
Monday: 45 minutes and 6x20s strides. 5.89 miles. Pure barre.
Tuesday: 6 miles, progressive. Pure barre.
Wednesday: 30 minute run, 3.44 miles.
Thursday: 10.83 total miles, workout with 6 mile MP-ish.
Friday: 5 easy miles, pure barre.
Saturday: 90 minute run. 10.84 miles.
Sunday: OFF

3x pure barre
44 miles

Week of June 12
Monday: 5 miles, recovery pace. TRAVEL DAY (blarg)
Tuesday: Strength workout
Wednesday: 8 miles.
Thursday: 4 miles, recovery pace, Strength.
Friday: 5 miles. Pure barre. (back home)
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 12 miles.

1x pure barre
2x strength
34 miles

A nice little down week.


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