Training Log: Week of May 29

This was my first larger week of training for the Chicago Marathon. I had a long run with pacework, and the long run was mileage based rather than time based.
But let's not get ahead of myself. Let's talk about the workouts that I did this week.

Monday: 45 minute run. 4x20s strides. 6.08 miles.
Tuesday: 6 miles. 3 easy, 3 uptempo. Pure barre.
Wednesday: Workout. 3 times 3x400m with warm up and cool down. 7.54 miles. Pure barre.
Thursday: 35 minutes easy. 3.89 miles. Pure barre.
Friday: 45 minutes easy. 5.33 miles.
Saturday: 12 miles. 4 easy, 4 MP, 2 easy, 2 MP. 7:53 average.
Sunday: OFF

40.84 miles
3x pure barre
Some core and rolling in there too
Jasyoga EVERY day.


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