Little weekend trip - Columbus Saturday, June 24

So for my birthday trip, Saturday, we ended up doing something that we planned on Friday night. But we will get to that.

Jason's alarm went off right around 5 am on Saturday morning. He was planning on golfing with Chris at the Ohio State course, he was HOPING that they would be able to get on Scarlett, but they were scheduled for Gray. I was supposed to get out for 14 miles, BUT I was not smart the previous day, and was not alternating between beer and water very well at all. So I felt like butt. I ended up just hitting the gym for a lift and some yoga.

After Jason returned, that was when we worked on the REAL plan for the day. We headed over to North High Brewing to brew our own batch of beer!

Below are a BUNCH of pictures from our brewing afternoon!

We had a great time!

Following brewing, J took me out to dinner for my birthday. We went to another brewery (Wolf Ridge) that had AMAZING food, and pretty good beer too! More to come for Sunday!


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