Friday Five!

1. We had an overall good week at the office. I mean, in some ways, it was tricky because things are getting weird and strange, but at the same time, I was able to really hammer all of the things home that I needed to do - I suppose that is all that I can ask for at this point in time, right? With how hectic everything is...

2. Tomorrow is my first double digit long run of this training cycle. I am super looking forward to it. I am just feeling like I am so ready for this training cycle and be able to really start working hard to achieve my goals.

3. Get ready for a review of the Adidas Ultra Boost X coming up in the next few weeks. I have been test wearing them recently and really been loving them. I have done speedwork and long runs in them, so I feel like they are quite versatile. Be on the lookout!

4. J is travelling this week. He is heading out of town tomorrow morning, and will be back on Thursday of next week, I believe. He has to go to a conference in Florida where he will be presenting and leading a lot of different things. But to be fair, he will also have a good time. He will definitely drink too much and stay out too late, but hey, he works REALLY freaking hard. He deserves that.

5. I started listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast. I started at the very beginning of it and am thrilled to have a new podcast to listen to. I was running out of things because some of them I decided I was not that interested in. Do y ou listen to this? I love the Gilmore's, and like the Baby Sitter's Club Club I like hearing about this.


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