Contemplations on art and life

It feels strange how art can com into and out of your life over time. And right no, it seems to be punching me in the face regularly. I feel as though I have seen some strange things recently that have caused me to ask a lot of questions around myself and goals. At the same time, I can be very particular about things.

I had someone point something out to me earlier that stung. And that is that I love attention. But there are some pretty specific things around that. And by that, I mean, I love very individual attention. But then when someone else gets involved, I am out of it. I have to move on at that point.

So travelling last week allowed me to see some of these characteristics in myself. I mean, I was in an unfamiliar location with coworkers. I was across the country from my home and the time zone changes also affected me. And I was definitely highly emotional for nearly the entirity of the trip. But I was definitely in a good place to feel overwhelmed.

I think that somewhere, deep down, underneath a rough around the edges exterior, I am still a dreamer. I am still an artist. And although it has been kind of tricky to find where all of those things lie, I have committed myself to digging deep and really trying to find them. I feel like I have to at this point with all of the career changes that are happening right now. And I will press on. I will figure out what works for me and make it happen.
So let's make it work.


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