A Sunday with Addie

It is Sunday... Jason is out of town, and I am hanging with Addie. We started the day with a little coffee, eggs, and yogurt. (And chocolate milk for Addie because she doesn't like coffee - and let's be real. She is almost 4. No coffee for 3 year olds). And we watched a bit of TV.

Sundays are frequently a day to prep some food for the week, and so we made muffins. Two batches. Both from Run Fast Eat Slow, because that is pretty much where all of our recipes come from. Today we made SuperHero Muffins (for me) and Spelt Banana Muffins (for her). In reality, we both will eat both of them but she was pretty insistent that the banana muffins were for her. So... Fine.

There's my little kitchen helper making silly faces when we were making muffins. Also, that tank she is wearing is VERY close to Oiselle's current Spring "bright" snap. And that makes me feel pretty happy.

After our muffin baking we hit the park. I loaded Addie up into her stroller because we would never make it if we both walked, and we headed over to the park.

Girlfriend has a LOT of fears lately. She is terrified to go down the slide. My friend Karen has been reassuring that she will get over it. And I am sure that is true, but right now, it is tough since she will climb up to the top of something and then she wants to get down, but won't go down the slide. This frequently results in me climbing up to the top of something and carrying her down. 

After lunch, we did another pool trip. We went to the pool yesterday too. I have a feeling we are going to be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer. We are now both exhausted and I am a little more pink than she is despite the fact that I put sunscreen on us both. I guess better me than her at this point? 

How was your Sunday?


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