A phone issue, and time with my Roo!

J was out of town over the past weekend. I know that he had to be gone because it was work related, but still, being with Addie solo is tough. Granted, he will be solo with her for a few days next week when I head to Pasadena, but currently, I am the one who is solo, and therefore, I reserve all rights to complain about being a single mom, because darn it, it is HARD. She needs a lot of attention, and two pups also need loads of attention, so being the  solo adult is tricky.

Notes to J for a week or so from now: love you and I know that this is tricky!

I think the worst part of the situation is that on Saturday, the first day that J was gone, my phone broke. Addie and I went to the pool in the afternoon, and depsite the fact that I did not drop my phone in the pool (in fact, I kept it in our beach bag pretty much the entire time we were gone) my phone just turned black and would not come back on. It definitely was not due to water. I thought it could have been because of heat, but even after it being in my air conditioned house for several hours, it still did not turn back on.

And honestly, while I know that I do not need a phone, and it was probably good for me to be without it, it was kind of stressful to not have a phone, especially with J out of town. That meant this computer was the best way for me to communicate with anyone. And despite the forced time away from my phone, I admit that I was a little bit worried about something happening and therefore needing a phone for some reason.
But Addie and I did have a fantastic time together. It might not be super obvious from the picture with the crossed arms and the tongue out, but it was the best I could do, since I didn't have a phone for a few days (that one I had posted to instagram and was able to screen shot it from there). We both definitely got some sun on Saturday despite loads of sunscreen, but I guess as long as we were wearing sunscreen (we are both SPF 50 girls), we are safe, at least, it is the best we can do and still be outside.

Addie and I also picked up J's Father's Day gift. It is in the back of my car, because it is too big and heavy for me to get out myself, which kind of sucks, but it is what it is...  I will probably give it to him before Father's day so it is not in the back of my truck at the airport. I wouldn't want to worry about it that day.

But for now, I am spending time with Addie, we are enjoying our girls time. I am missing J, but he will be home soon. Thanks goodness.


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