A date day

As parents to a 4 year old, it can be tough to really feel like a couple. And sometimes, even when we have time to spend together without her, we still end up doing some lame stuff like grocery shopping, running errands, or cleaning the house.

Yeah. #adulting. So lame sometimes.

J and I got to go on a date last Sunday, Addie spent the day at Grandma's house, and we got to do some stuff that we wanted to do (and also some boring stuff too).

We both started the day with our long runs - Addie left the house around 7:30 am, so it was still early enough to get outside without it being too warm. I had 80 minutes scheduled. J figured he could also do 80 minutes ish, and try and get another month around 100 miles (he is trying to run 1000 miles in 2017, which will be a HUGE accomplishment for him!) After each of our runs, we took showers and got ready for the day.

First stop on the agenda? The driving range right down the street at the neighborhood course.
Honestly, I just wandered and took pictures. I hit exactly zero balls, which was fine. I have very little interest in that, and so it was definitely a part of the day that was more focused on J. I am glad that I was there though. After the range we did something boring. Sam's Club. As usual, we spent more money than planned, but that is ok. We got the things that we need and we eat regularly (string cheese, greek yogurt, etc).

After we finished up at Sam's Club, we headed over to a local brewery to try a few beers. We selected 50 West Brewing for this trip, first stopping at the local running store so I could get a new handheld water bottle. My other one leaked on my run that morning, so I just threw it away and asked J if we could stop so I could get another. I ended up with the Camelbak Quick Stow Chill Flask, with an added elastic and phone holder and I am looking forward to checking it out.

 J iphone playing while we are at 50 West.
J and I each drank two beers while we were here. Above is one of each of them. In the picture is my Tastee Whip Ice Cream Ale, which was a pretty decent cream ale. Definitely not my normal style, but I did enjoy it. They also had the Strawberry Ice Cream Ale, which I did not have.

Following 50 West, we had booked some movie tickets. So we decided to hit target, spend some money that we were not planning on spending, and pick up a prescription for J. Then we went over to Macy's so J could pick out a "beach outfit" for a party at his conference next week.
He did end up with those shorts, but the shirt he ended up with is similar to that one, but orange instead. He is ready to be an all star at this party.

The movie we saw was Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2. It was hilarious. We followed that up with dinner at Bar Louie.
What was the last date you went on with your best friend or significant other? Do you like Cream Ale?


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