Training Log: Week of May 8

So... I am in a weird in between place. I am not really officially training for anything  yet (but Chicago is next on the docket) and I am still training...

So I guess then let's call this my training recap for the week.

Monday: 4.14 miles easy, pure barre. the dozen (core).
Tuesday: 5 miles with first 3 easy, next two at 8:24, 8:10. Pure barre. the dozen.
Wednesday: 7.48 miles, a workout.
Thursday: 40 minute walk, Pure barre, the dozen.
Friday: 4.11 miles, easy, pure barre.
Saturday: OFF (traveling with family)
Sunday: 7 miles with 2 miles up-ish tempo.

27.73 miles
4x pure barre
3x core

I am chatting with Coach Heather if we are all systems go toward Chicago, or if I should tackle a shorter/faster race first. I will keep everyone in the loop!


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