Training Log: Week of May 15

Another week down, this my fourth week with Coach Heather, and now we are 100% gearing toward the Chicago Marathon.
There are definitely going to be a few changes from this training cycle than their were from cycles past, so stay tuned for more up and coming on that.

But anyway, let's just get to it.

Monday: 35 min run with 6x20s strides. 4.42 Miles. Pure Barre.
Tuesday: 6 miles with 2 uptempo. Pure barre.
Wednesday: 40 minutes easy with strides. 4.92 miles. The dozen (core).
Thursday: WORKOUT. 10x200m with warm up/strides and cool down. 5.72 miles. Pure Barre.
Friday: 35 mins easy. 4.04 miles. Pure Barre. Core.
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 75 minute run. 9 miles.

4x pure barre
2x core
34.1 miles

FINALLY back up over thirty miles. Nice.


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