Training Log: Week of May 1

So this week picked back up in the running department and ended with a test in fitness at the Flying Pig 10K.
So let's take a look at how the week played out for me and the race as well... Let's go...

Monday: 30 mins crosstraining, pure barre.
Tuesday: 30 minutes easy run. 3.35 miles.
Wednesday: 5 miles with 2 uptempo, pure barre.
Thursday: 30 minute crosstraining, pure barre.
Friday: 25 minute easy run plus 6x15s strides. 3.26 miles. Pure barre.
Saturday: 15 minute warm up and 3x15s strides with 1x30s strides. Flying Pig 10K, 10 minute cooldown. 9.28 total miles.
Sunday: Pig cowbelling

20.89 miles
4x Pure barre


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