Training Log: Week of April 24

This week was pretty much a recovery week when I did ... not much but I did start to get back in the swing of things after Boston.  There is more changes a-coming, but I will leave those for another post. So this week, although it was mostly recovery, I believe can be considered training for the Flying Pig Marathon 10K, which I will be using as a hard effort/test run going into my training for fall.
So let's take a look at what I did this past week.

Monday: OFF day, additional cold recovery
Tuesday: 30 minute walk, Pure Barre
Wednesday: 15 minute run, Pure Barre.
Thursday: 30 minute walk, Pure Barre.
Friday: 25 minute run, Pure Barre.
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 30 minute run, 4x15s strides

No mileage log this week, since all of my runs were in minutes, but I am running, and it is feeling good! I also made it to Pure Barre 4 times, which is pretty freaking fantastic!

Moving on to the new week!


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