The stress and de-stress

Sometimes you have to do things that you believe are dumb. Some things are a waste of time and you do them anyway. Maybe in the long run these are things that will turn out to be NOT a waste of time and  you will be grateful that you did something that you thought was dumb. Yes. I realize that I am being super vague. Yes the ambiguity is on purpose.


Obviously, work has been a struggle recently. And while I am in general trying to stay on top of work as it is, my motivation is in the toilet completely right now. At least with work, which is absolutely a problem. I really need to sort through my feelings to ensure that I can continue to to produce high quality work, even when there is only minimal work to do.

What I really need to do is take a deep breath and focus. Focus is definit something that is going to be key. It is going to be the way that I continue to thrive while I work to figure all of these struggles out.

So for now, here is the light of my life. The girl that I need to be around.

Isn't she pretty? At least I have her.


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