Race Recap: The Flying Pig 10K

I was given free entry into the Flying Pig Toyota 10K as a BibRave Pro. For more information on BibRave, check out their website to read and leave race reviews of you own! All opinions are my own.

As I have been posting about for the last few weeks, I was planning on doing a fitness test to see where I was and where I was starting from after Boston and the Flying Pig 10K this weekend. I was not planning to race it, just put in a hard but in control effort and see where I ended up at the end of the day.
I ran the 10K once before, in 2014, the year after Addie was born. You can read about that experience here. That was the race I added Ryan Hall to my "Olympians I have raced with" list. You'll see that right away.

My race plan was pretty simple. Run solid for miles 1-2, pick it up for miles 3-4, and then hold on for miles 5-6 before letting it loose to the Finish Swine.

My original plan was to run my 25 minute shakeout run with the Little Kings Mile as part of it (I ran 6:05 last year), but the weather was cold and rainy and gross, so I decided that was definitely not worth it. So I did my shakeout on the treadmill in my basement, finishing it up with 6x15s strides.
As usual, I set out my gear the evening before, and did a little bit of a makeshift #FlatEmily, mostly because I was feeling lazy. But I was going to wear my plum roga shorts, BibRave longsleeved tee, ProCompression socks, a moto tracktion bra, a trucker (standard for me), and my sunglasses.

The next morning, I was up at 5:30, brewing my coffee and eating my breakfast before heading out to the race. I did not attend the expo this year, and so I did not have any of my race gear yet. I walked from the garage down to the Lagerhouse where they were doing packet pickup, and got all of my stuff and then returned it to my car. After a 15 minute warm up along the river, I did 3x15s strides, and one longer one to make sure I was ready to go, and headed up to the start line.

Bib number and "PigPen A"... Everything is themed this weekend.

As it shows above, I was one of maybe 20 or so women in corral A, it seemed weird to not have too many there, and it was clear that all of the women were kind of sizing each other up and stuff. I mostly was hopping around trying to keep my legs warm since I had already done my warm up and there was about 15 minutes to the start.

Shortly, we were off. I wanted to use the first 400m to settle into the pace, and I tried not to get swept up into the race. But as is typical, I got caught up in the excitement of running, of the fact that my legs felt pretty good, the fastest runners in the race going out hard, and the immediate climb into Kentucky. I ran the first mile in 7:11. After getting through the first mile, I settled down in Newport, and ran through the first water spot. We ran onto Riverboat Way, down by the river, and ran past my previous employer as well as the Beer Sellar before coming out on the other side of the levy. I was settled in at this point, and crossed the second mile. Pace for this mile was 7:23.

We started climbing the Veteran's Memorial Bridge, which is my LEAST favorite of the bridges in Cincinnati that are often a part of races because although it is shorter, it is steeper. I was focusing on maintaining effort and trying to ignore my watch. The third mile clicked off (still in Kentucky) at 7:23. Looks like I was nailing effort maintanence and pace too! So we were hitting Clyde Wade Bailey for the longest bridge of the day and heading back into Ohio. At this point, I had reset my goals, and decided I did not want to be passed by any women. After coming off the bridge we clicked the fourth mile. (7:23... again)

We were back downtown in Cincinnati. We ran past the start line, took a left on sycamore, a right on third, then a left on Broadway for the last small uphill of the race. We headed into the east side of downtown, and I clicked mile 5 at 7:19 as we headed toward the casino. I was doing good with my new goal, knocking off a few women and not letting any by me at this point before making a turn on to Eggleston and headed back to the river. We hit the final right turn on to Pete Rose Way, and I was on one of my top gears, clicking mile 6 at 7:03. When I passed the 6 mile mark on the course (I stink at tangents, my total for the race was 6.28) I dropped the hammer and decided to just fly as much as I could clearing the last section at a 6:57 pace (per my watch).

As you can see from above, I finished this one in 45:38, which is just 14s shy of the PR I set on Thanksgiving day in the fall. Not to mention top twenty women?  I was pretty proud of that. And yes, I ran hard, but I definitely felt like I just ran hard, and I had more to give, which I feel like is visible in the pace.

In the afternoon, Addie ran the kids race.
Girl was psyched to race again.

And here are our medals.
We had a great Pig experience!


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