OOFOS Omg: a review

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So... One of the things that I have been doing recently since I got more serious about training, hired a coach, focused on getting a BQ, etc, was I completely stopped wearing heels. I had not completely figured out what were the right shoes yet though, as I tend to flip back and forth between Toms and an older paid of running shoes. The toms don't offer enough support and the running shoes are not necessarily good "wear to work" shoes. So I have always been kind of looking for a middle ground.

So, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review OOFOS first ever SHOE! They have done a lot of sandals in the past, ones that I have looked at often when shopping for shoes.
These shoes are going to do that job. I have hardly taken them off (except for sleeping and running!) since receiving them. They are incredibly comfortable.
Addie wanted to be sure to be in some of the pictures of the shoes. She walked around in them a few times as well.
So I have worn them for walking the dogs, just regular walking, to work, to and from Pure Barre, on a trip to Indianapolis with my family (so a good amount of walking around), and pretty much just for kicking around on the weekend.
OOFOS at the office.
OOFOS with socks... weird, but it worked.
And the OOFOS under my desk as I worked.

So. If you are like me, trying to figure out a good way to wear shoes that look nice-ish (and business casual appropriate) but are still good for your feet, I really feel that the OMG from OOFOS is a great option. You can find the women's version of the shoe here. The men's shoe is not yet available, but keep your eyes open for them, as they will be coming soon.

And if you are looking to purchase these, or any others, feel free to use the coupon code OOFOSBibPro10B for 10% off your purchase on OOFOS.com.

Let me know if you try them!


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