Friday Five!

Another week of the Friday Five! Woo Hoo!
1. It has been close week, and it actually has gone pretty well, which I am pleased about. Things are going relatively smoothly as of right now, and I cannot believe it. I am not sure how long that is going to happen going forward, but at the same time, I am pretty happy to just keep working and have the flexibility to keep working through other things.

2. We are headed back to Pasadena in a week (on the 15th of May) for some training on new software that GD uses that we do not. Looking forward to sleeping in a hotel solo and seeing some mountains.

3. I am racing tomorrow morning. The Flying Pig Marathon 10K, which should be pretty good. I am just running at a hard effort, but I am still excited to see what my legs can do. The course is easier than Thanksgiving.

4. Addie is also racing tomorrow. She is running the kids race at tomorrow's flying pig, and I love that she loves racing.

5. On Sunday, I am planning on heading downtown to cowbell my FACE off at the Flying Pig marathon for my friend Caroline in particular who is going for her BQ. I am actually SUPER excited to cheer this year, as I have never done it before!


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