As may (or may not) be obvious from the title of this post, things are changing in Emily's world, and not just so far as my job/career, because those things are a given at this point with everything that has been going on at work...

This is about running.

If you saw the below from Boston, you might have gotten a hint.
This is a picture that Caroline took at the Oiselle shakeout run in Boston. This picture has me and Heather. Along with a few other birds who were present at the run. But this was the first time that Heather and I met in person.

Heather is my new coach.

Now, this is nothing against Jen, as I have obviously had huge success with her in the past, but it was time to take my training into my own hands and really hammer through it as best as I can. And making a change was the right way to feel really great going into my fall season and getting through the Chicago Marathon, which I definitely need my head right to get through that.

And so, from here on out, when you see my training logs, they are coming from Heather, and I am super looking forward to seeing what kind of progress we can make together.


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