"Bulleted" update

I figured I am just going to take today's post to recap on a few  things at a relatively high level.

On Work
I had a good meeting yesterday. After writing and posting yesterday's post, I had a good day at the office. That DEFINITELY is helpful to me to feel less stressed out and be able to be more on top of all of the things that I need to do to in order to feel like I am making progress in my world. There are a few things that we need to take care of still on a regular basis, and so getting some relief from the meeting really helps me to feel like I can continue to move forward.

On Running
I skipped a workout yesterday because I mistakenly tried to do it at noon in 80 degrees and sun. So I ended up just doing an easy run and giving that workout another try this morning. It was a smart decision. And I am glad that I made it.

On Family
J and I took Addie to Indy last weekend. Just over night, we went up there Friday and came back on Saturday. Just did a little swimming and hit up the Children's Museum. "Bacation" is Addie's favorite thing. I get it kid, I really do. More to come on the trip, I think.
Artsy pic from SunKing Brewing taken by Addie.

On Life
I have set myself a few goals for the next few weeks as far as things go for figuring out everything and I am looking forward to seeing them through. I am really feeling good about that.


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