April Goal Progress

April was another solid month. I knew that I might not hit quite as many miles or PB Classes due to the fact that I was tapering for Boston, but at the same time, it was a solid month. I am looking forward to a much more CLEAR month in May.

1. Run 2200 miles in 2017.
In April I ran 137.65 miles. The lowest mileage month I have run this year, but at the same time, I expected that. I even planned for it. I am at 726.45 YTD. That puts me VERY slightly ahead of my goal for the year. So hopefully May knocks it back up again, and I can be closer to ahead where I am feeling more comfortable.

2. Read 24 Books.
I read two more books in April, putting me at 8 for the year. This months selections were:
80/20 running by Matt Fitzgerald
Redefining Realness by Janet Mock (SO GOOD!)

3. Take 150 pure barre classes
I took 13 classes in April. My goal was 10 because of taper and recovery, so I beat that, and am happy with the progress I am making toward my goal.
That puts me at 57 classes for the year, so I am back ahead of the goal. Woo hoo! I am hoping to get 15 classes minimum in May!

4. Write 150 blog posts
I wrote 14 more posts in April. So far so good with this goal, as I am at 64 posts for the year. I am starting May strong, 3 posts in three days, so I would like to keep up with the writing as I am definitely feeling pretty great on my goal progress for 2017!

Overall, I would say that I am hammering things home so far on all of my goals where there are things that I can count like this, which makes me feel pretty good about my progress so far in 2017. My goal is to continue, set mini-goals along the way, and keep things moving forward all the time. I am loving this so far.


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