A quick weekend trip

As I mentioned last week, J and I took Addie for a quick trip to Indianapolis for a little overnight vist last weekend. We stayed at the downtown JW Marriott (points FTW), went swimming, went out to dinner, went to SunKing Brewery, and took Addie to the Children's Museum.

Here are the highlights of the trip in photos! Admittedly, nearly all of them are from the Museum, but hey, that was the highlight for the little.
 Addie on the carousel. It was a little bit easier to get her OFF the horse this trip than it was last summer. Thank goodness.
 Addie sitting on the Great Wall of China out in the garden.
 More Addie on the carousel. Check out that Princess wave.
 Addie with a racecar at the Hot Wheels exhibit.
 Addie IN a racecar at the Hot Wheels exhibit.
 Addie and a LION statue (girl loves lions).
 Checking out some bones.
 Addie with the statue in front of the convention center.
 Addie with a Mayan temple.
 Addie and I making a butterfly.
Circus Addie. It was tough to convince her to stand on that thing, although now that she is up there, she looks pretty fearless.

Overall, we had a wonderful quick trip out of town to do some fun stuff as a family.


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