Training Update: Week of April 3

Ahh yes, the first week of taper going into the Boston Marathon and Glass City Marathon back-to-back couple of weeks. I am feeling pretty nervous right now, but definitely excited and looking forward to seeing what I can do!
So let's take a look at what this slightly easier week entailed.

Monday: 8 miles with 4x30s strides. 8.52 total miles. Core. Pure Barre.
Tuesday: 50 minute walk. Pure Barre. Core.
Wednesday: 6.08 miles, easy (9:06 avg pace). Core.
Thursday: Fartlek ladder workout. 7.75 miles in 57:30. Core.
Friday: 5 miles, easy pace (9:06 average). Pure Barre. Core.
Saturday: 12 miles with 3x1mile at 10K pace.
Sunday: OFF

39.35 miles
3x Pure barre
5x core

And we are one week away from the marathon.


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