The last long run

This past Saturday, I knocked out 12 miles. There were no issues, I just ran. I hit the paces, I listened to a podcast, I just ran. I mean, I know that I have said that now several times, but I think that it is an important point to emphasize because so many times I have gone out for a run and been unable to focus on just running and enjoying the time that I am out there.

I had the 12 miles, with 3x1 mile at 10K pace. The suggested 10K pace on my schedule was 7:05/mile.

I left my house a little bit after 10 am. I figured a later start time would be more in line with Boston, not to mention allow me to eat breakfast and digest that. And likely that is going to be something that I need to do on race day. So I was pleased when J offered an alternate option for Saturday morning that allowed me to get up more casually in the morning and eat, drink my coffee, etc. It was a good practice, and I enjoyed breakfast with my family before I went out.

I ran hard in my neighborhood. I just felt good, and I was glad to feel good. It was warmish that day, so I did not need gloves or a stocking cap. I still wore tights and a long sleeved shirt though. I ran 2 miles as a warm up (8:26, 8:13) before I locked into my mile repeats. The schedule just said 3x1 mile, not in the first and not in the last, with at least one mile in between.

First repeat: 7:01. then a mile at 8:04. Second repeat: 6:56 and a mile at 8:07. Third repeat: 7:03 then a mile at 8:15. At that point I was through 8 miles, and only had 4 left to go. I kept the pace up for the last four and finished the 12 miles at a 7:56 average pace. So that felt DAMN good. I am trying to remember that I ran a half marathon at an 8:15 pace. So if that indicated my marathon a week after that, then I can always HOPE this will dictate my marathon this time, right?

So instead, of thinking about and focusing on that, here is a cute picture that I took of Addie last night.


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