Race Recap? The Glass City Marathon

I was given free entry into the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon through my partnership with BibRave. BibRave is a fantastic site for reading and writing race reviews, so please check it out! All opinions are my own.

The Mercy Health Glass City Marathon was this weekend. This was the first race that I had been planning to run as a BibRave Pro. Yes, I had worn my singlet a few times for training runs, etc, but this was the first one that I was racing as a representative of them.
I had no time goals going into the race, I couldn't, since I had just run the Boston Marathon 6 days prior. Although at some point during the week I had become convinced that I could run the GCM faster than I ran Boston (what was I thinking?) but I was going to wear the brand new rabbit shorts that I bought, arm warmers (as it was going to be much cooler than in Boston) and tall socks.

On Saturday, we attended the kids races. Addie was running.
She is obviously too cool for school.
We picked up our bibs for both races, and headed out to the track for Addie's race. My friend (and fellow Oiselle teammate) Jes was with us and luckily she snagged some running pics of Addie since I was on the track. Grandma Rose (my mom) got some as well.
Addie got to meet a super hero. SpiderMan. She also met Captain America, but for some reason, she was not as excited about Captain America. She was quite excited about meeting him.

Addie did stretches with the Toledo Rockets football team to warm up for her race, and shortly after that, we were on our way around the track. The race for the 2-3 year olds is a quarter mile (they also have a half mile and a mile for kids) and they just do one loop around the track.

Addie crushed it. She stayed way more focused this year than last year, and was definitely happy to be out there and be running! Everything was extremely well organized and the kids enjoyed a fly over from the Mercy Health life flight helicopter.
My little three year old with her race bib, medal, and sucker that momma grabbed for her as a surprise for when the race was done. Doesn't she look adorable?

The part that I have failed to disclose thus far is the fact that on Friday morning I woke up with a sore throat. That has seemed to be the start of rough colds for me over the last several times I have gotten a cold. I did 4 miles on Friday before we headed up here, and had to pause a few times to hack up a lung (or at least that is what it felt like). By the time we got to Toledo, I could hardly talk. I went to Pure Barre, and when I was upside down stretching, it felt terrible.

As a way of trying to thwart what I was coming down with, I brought on a few reinforcements.
I was taking both of these every three hours all day on Saturday, but after Addie's race, I was spent.
Yeah...  The fever came on, The lungs were full of goop, and I was feeling terrible. Sometimes, they say your body just get sick to force you to take it easy, and that is what happened to be this weekend. My body decided that it was not recovered from Boston, gave me a chest cold and a fever, and forced me to stay in bed instead of running a marathon 6 days after running my last one.

And so, I stayed in bed on race day.
There I am with my bib in my pajamas, because I am not running a marathon today.

The Glass City marathon puts on a great event, and one of these years I WILL be back to run the full. Just not 6 days after running another one.


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