March Goal Progress

March was a solid month of progress where I stayed on track with all of my goals for the month. So here, I will recap what I had been doing as far as trackable goals in the month of March.

1. Run 2200 miles in 2017.
In March I ran 227.85 miles. My highest mileage month so far this year, and closing in on my highest mileage month ever. (That was 239 miles in August of 2016) That puts me at 588.80 miles for the year. That also puts me 38 miles ahead of my goal for the year, if I look at goals monthly. it also puts me even more than that ahead if I assume I need to run an average of just over 6 miles per day. Either way, NAILING IT.

2. Read 24 Books.
I read two more books in March, putting me at 6 for the year. This months selections were:
Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick (love her!)
How to be a Person in the World by Heather Havrilesky

3. Take 150 pure barre classes
This month I did some work to make up for a crappy February. I took 20 classes in March.
That puts me at 44 classes for the year, so I am back ahead of the goal. Woo hoo! I am not totally sure what this will go to in April, because with the marathons and everything, I am definitely going to be easing back a bit, so we will see. I would still like to take 10.

4. Write 150 blog posts
I wrote 20 more posts in March. So far so good with this goal, as I am at 50 posts for the year. I would love to keep it up!


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