Friday Five!

1. I am headed out to Boston TOMORROW. I am off work today doing all of my final prep things, including my final Ohio run (4 miles, easy pace).

2. I packed two outfits for race day. I can't decide if I want singlet/capris, or short-shorts/crop. Or - should I mix it up (capris and crop?). I hope to figure that out before I leave, but I packed both in case.

3. Yesterday was a relatively easy day at the office. In some ways, I am glad for that, and in other ways, I wish that work was much busier to take my mind off of what I am doing on Monday. I cannot wait, but I am SUPER nervous.

4. We are going to see a Red Sox game on Sunday afternoon when we are in Boston. I am super excited to check off a ballpark on my invisible ballpark checklist. And I am looking forward to doing SOMETHING that J wants to do on this trip since we are doing a lot of Emily-centric things obviously because of the race. I spend the extra money on Green Monster tickets. #worthit

5. I cannot hold it together right now. I keep reading these articles about the race and things and I am super emotional about the whole thing. I truly truly cannot WAIT for this race.


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