Friday Five

1. This was an interesting week at the office. We got some more clarity around changes that are coming with integration into Green Dot, which was very needed around here. I appreciate that information.

2. I ran a fartlek workout yesterday at 5K effort. It was a damn good run, and I felt AWESOME when it was done. I am ready to go to Boston and CRUSH THIS SHIT.

3. I had kind of a tough day yesterday despite getting additional information from GD this week. There are some changes that I knew were coming, but i am not necessarily happy about them or looking forward to them, and for that reason, I might have (ok, I definitely did) cry a bit at my desk.

4.  I am nearly finished with week one of my taper for Boston. Woo hoo! Today I ran 5 miles at a nice and easy pace. It felt good. I am really getting good at just getting out there and getting my legs moving, allowing them the time to warm themselves up, etc.

5. I have spent sometime this weekend thinking about the longevity of my career. More to come as I vet this more...


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