Boston Marathon: Goals

Well, I am only a few days out from this race, so let's talk goals. After reading a blog post by Tina Muir, I have decided to slightly change my approach to goals and throw one more thing in the mix.

As a result, I am going to do an A, B, and C goal, along with a mic drop/stars align goal, just like Tina talks about in that post. So, let's dive in and start at the bottom:

C: Requalify for Boston.
Now, by this I mean qualify, not necessarily get it. So sub 3:35. This is a goal that will be difficult, but achievable as long as my heart is in it.

B: PR.
My current PR is 3:27:46. I think I am in SOLID shape to run at least this well. I have had great runs this cycle, and I definitely feel like I can run faster than that.

A: 3:25
I feel like I am capable of taking off 3ish seconds per mile from that super humid day in September. I have trained in rough conditions. And I am ready for this.

Mic drop/stars align: 3:22
So 3:22 is not as specific as I want it to be. My true goal is sub 3:22:58. That was the pace that the Rushcard racing team ran the Flying Pig in 2015. I ran the first leg of that.
(That has been hanging up in my cube since we ran it)
I don't think that this goal is a total moon shot, I think I could do it. I think my legs are capable of that. But it will take work, and a lot of hard stuff to get there. So I am putting that out there, and we will see what that means.  That is 7:42-7:43 pace. About 10s faster per mile than I ran in September. Tough and definitely I would need the stars to align on a difficult course like that, but doable.

So... oonly a few days left. Let's go.


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