And now, we taper

This past Saturday, I ran my last true long run of this training cycle. Admittedly, I am running 14 miles this coming weekend, but in reality, 22 miles is the last long run. That 14 miler is part of taper for sure.

So Saturday, I went to meet my friend Rebekah and her training group. They were running 20 miles, and I needed to get 22. With company, getting that many miles was definitely going to be so much easier. So when Rebekah text me about meeting up with her group, I was REAL in. And thrilled to have someone to share 20 miles with. Getting 2 more without other people was do-able for sure.

Here is the route we ended up taking.
The starting and ending point are at Bob Roncker's running spot, the big running store (owned by JackRabbit Sports) in Cincinnati. The section over on the more Western part of the course (Burnet Woods part of the course) is over in Clifton, where UC is located, and it is hilly has heck. I mean, let's be honest, this entire course was hilly.

Here is the look at the elevation profile for this run.
As you can see, I negative split the HECK out of this run. And those hills in there are no joke. It was a TOUGH run. Definitely felt like a more difficult course than the Flying Pig itself.

I averaged 8:36 for the 22 miles that I ran, and the effort was definitely up where it needed to be in order to best optimize Boston in a few weeks. I ran hard but controlled for 22 miles. The pace does not totally reflect that, but with the way that elevation went for this run, I am super happy with it.

And I am now in the first week of my taper. I am READY for Boston.


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